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If you need reviews and you need it fast. Nothing can help you unless you get a review generator. Here is the best one with the tips on how will you get the most out of it. Let me introduce the protagonist here, Rytr!

Rytr is an AI writing assistant. No, it’s not just a paraphrasing tool but better on a whole different level. You can visit the ‘paraphrasing tool’ link above for more detail about it because I will show you the essential one in this post.

Rytr workspace

First, go to Rytr’s website. Once you register, you will see the user interface like this image. Choose Testimonial & Review case, input your product, and simply review. Then choose the number of variants, and click ‘Ryte for me.’ The max of generation at a time is three variants but you can generate more or edit it with that inline text editor.

Useful tips before using review generator

It is about writing a good review, not a bad one. Even you have a tool assisting you to do it instantly, you need to know the word you should feed the machine. Here is a tip I found in Trustpilot:

  1. Provide useful, constructive feedback
  2. Be detailed, specific, and honest
  3. Keep it civil and friendly

These are three of eight tips that Trustpilot mentions in their post. I only pick the useful three for inspiring you to input it with the right concept.

The Right Tip

First, it has to be useful, reflecting how good that product or service is with a clear intention. Second, it should be detailed, do not write just “good” or “I like it.” These are just your feeling that does not help them determining to be customers. Specific one or two parts that are your product’s strength. Tell them what is it good at. And be honest, do not lie. Everything has pros and cons then you can show them the truth, detail what you want them to acknowledge. The last one is the important part, so I will quote it.

“We don’t moderate or censor reviews before they’re posted because we trust that the majority of our users have good intentions. But publishing a review online means it’s public. Therefore, the same kinds of rules apply to customer reviews as to any kind of published opinion.

Freedom of speech gives you the right to express yourself, but there’s a line between appropriate and inappropriate. At the extreme end, the law prohibits defamatory statements. This includes accusatory statements that are untrue or not yet proven to be true.

If you’ve had a negative experience, instead of pointing an angry finger, a more credible approach is to adopt a calm, sober tone. Simply explain what took place and leave it to readers of your review to draw their own conclusions. This might also mean that the company in question will be more willing to engage with you to address the problem.”

Positive and negative words that useful for review generator.
Common positive and negative words in peer reviews

Common Positive and Negative words

When you are generating reviews, you need positive words to get the best result. From the research, researchers have listed the common words as I show in the image earlier. Here are the positive words you should use.

Positive Words

  1. significant
  2. benefit
  3. helpful
  4. support
  5. positive
  6. recommend
  7. strong
  8. correct
  9. confidence
  10. improve
  11. consistent
  12. survival
  13. effectiveness
  14. adequate
  15. lead
  16. effective
  17. recommended
  18. comprehensive
  19. worth
  20. benefits
  21. recommendations
  22. clearer
  23. nice
  24. excellent
  25. reasonable
  26. contribution
  27. robust
  28. sufficient
  29. improvement

Negative Words

Not only using positive words is enough. You need to avoid using the positive one too unless you want to show some cons. Here they are:

  1. risk
  2. bias
  3. Issue
  4. limitation
  5. Issues
  6. confounding
  7. risks
  8. concerns
  9. regression
  10. difficultlity
  11. adverse
  12. lack
  13. unclear
  14. negative
  15. limitation
  16. limited
  17. failure
  18. concern
  19. severe
  20. exclusion
  21. Confusion
  22. hard
  23. poor
  24. hazard
  25. harm
  26. absence
  27. lost
  28. falls
  29. error
  30. complex

Let’s see how the review generator works

Now, you have read it then you are ready to generate some reviews. Goto Rytr, choose “Terminal & Review case.” Input some useful, including positive words. Then generate it and see the result. If you don’t like it, generate it again or just rewrite a sentence with an inline editor that I mention in earlier links. Good luck with your work!

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