father's day covid-19 quarantine concept. portrait a crazy man in a protective mask and moustache
father’s day covid-19 quarantine concept. portrait a crazy man in a protective mask and moustache

You know it’s a bad day when we have homework. You’re sitting at home, watching T.V. or playing games, trying to figure out what you should do with your time, and then BAM! the school sends us an email saying that we have more work to do tonight. It is so frustrating, even I don’t know who invented homework but I’ve found some ways to make this whole thing work for me.

I know you hate homework but nothing you can do as everyone has to do homework since it is already a part of the education system. First, you need to finish your homework and I have your helper, paraphrasing tool. It can rewrite a sentence, paragraph, essay, or article in just one click.

Its name is Rytr, you can click here to get it for free. Now, you get the solution. Let’s clarify your question next.

History of Homework

The modern system of homework was conceived in Johann Gottlieb Fichte’s attempt to rally support for a unified German state. In his 1810 “Address to the German Nation”, Fichte recommended that teachers should give students written homework so that they would learn from their mistakes.

Germany’s compulsory school system is one way to increase German nationalism and force citizens to dedicate time to their country. To demonstrate the power of the nation-state of Germany, even during peacetime, German leaders wanted to create a unified education system. They did this by implementing a uniform curriculum and making attendance compulsory. The idea soon spread throughout Europe.

Horace Mann, a 19th-century American politician, and educational reformer traveled to Prussia in 1843 and attended the Volksschulen. He found that the schools were teaching children how to think, instead of just instructing them in academic knowledge. Mann came back to the United States and started his crusade for universal education.

Horace Mann traveled to Germany in 1843, and upon his return became the first president of Antioch College. There he instituted what some would call the first American-style public school, modeled on the German gymnasium. So, he was the one who brought HOMEWORK into the American education system.

Who Invented it?

For many, homework is a thing of the past. What was once seen as a way to keep students busy after school or on weekends has been replaced by computers and smartphones.

However, there is no hard evidence to support the claim that Roberto Nevilis is the one who invented homework in 1905.

Thus, if you are an American student, praise Horace Mann to bring homework to your country!

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