Gold coins
Gold coins

Medium Partner Program needs Stripe. If you can’t sign up for stripe, money from Medium is out of reach and the program will not work at all. Don’t worry I have a way to help solve this problem!

I lost my hope once because Stripe did not support my country. Earning money as a writer on Medium is impossible. I searched for solutions and found one day that Payoneer can provide you US bank account which will enable me to pay with stripe!

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up for Payoneer (to get US bank account)
    Please sign up through this link to get $25.
  2. Get EIN from IRS (download the tax form)
    If you live outside the US and not a citizen like me, you need a W-8BEN tax form. It’s always nice to have a helping hand with tricky things. I’m not ashamed to say that getting an EIN number is one of those tasks, which can be quite confusing without any experience or guidance in this area.

    That being said, you don’t need either! With just $15 (+$2.5 fee) and some patience on your part (or if you’re looking for even more assistance), there are other ways out there where somebody else will take care of everything – all while making it easier for yourself as well because they know what they’re doing, unlike most people who haven’t received instruction from professionals before taking their first steps into something new like tax preparation services. With Fiverr, or similar platforms available online at sites such as Up
  3. Get US Mailing Address (from MailBox Forwarding)
  4. Get US Phone Number (from Sonetel)
  5. Sign Up at Stripe
  6. Update Your Stripe Account
  7. Get VPN, use the US or Canada proxy
    Medium has a filter that blocks IPs from certain countries where you can’t sign up for Stripe. This means that if your country doesn’t accept payments via Stripe, then Medium Partner Program might seem inaccessible to you! Luckily there’s an easy solution: install any VPN plugin on Chrome and create yourself some fake US-based credentials using it.
  8. Join Medium Partner Program
    You will get an email when you finish this process.
  9. Connect Medium to Stripe
  10. Submit your tax form
    No need for PDF or any paper. Just input information through the web application and submit your identity card or passport.
  11. Done!
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