how to promote your business locally for free

How to promote your business locally for free? Even you run the business locally, you need to promote it online. Why? Because only a few people stop in front of your shop and see what is going on.

Where is the rest? They are somewhere else or maybe at home. Are you gonna use flyers in your promotion? No, that’s old fashion and not effective. You can’t compete with your competition like that.

As you know, everyone has a smartphone. So, you need to promote your local business online.

What is the most important?

In this article, How to promote your business locally for free, the most important thing is setting your Google Business profile.

Why? Let’s go to google “hotel nearby.”

Do you see? Hotels in your local area pop up at the top of Google, telling us where we can get a hotel, showing a price and customer reviews. This is what you need to do in order to promote your business locally.

What are your other options?

1. Search engine marketing (SEM)

Cost: Low-cost (you determine the budget)

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a marketing technique that promotes websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). This is a paid option where your listings are featured in sponsored placements. Say a popular demographic of people who like to visit our store includes women in their 30s. With Google Ads, you can set up campaigns to target your audience by demographics and location. You can also focus your ad campaign by setting other criteria such as ZIP code.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Cost: Free

Well, you can use it for free somehow unless you want to own your domain name. You can write a blog, creating your content, showing your customer how you care about your product, how can they benefit from your product, and whatever.

You will get customers from Google from organic search. It’s not just local customers but worldwide.

There is a funny example out there. On the website, they sell jams that look like space but you know what? Space Jam is also a movie name. When Spacejam 2 releases, it needs a website But when people enter it, they will see only jams!

She gets a lot of customers from this.

There are two products on her website. $12.99 for Jams and $1,000,000 for a website! however, this is not SEO. She just gets traffic from choosing a domain name. Real SEO is about writing content for the keywords that people are looking for in search engines.

You will have to be patient with this choice. The learning curve is long but it will generate endless customers for you in the long run. If you want to choose this option, check this tool for your advantage.

3. Using social media platform

Cost: Free

There are many ways to use social platforms, one of them is collaborating with influencers who have their own channel to promote your product. but it’s not free!

I do not suggest doing that. The first platform I would like to suggest is Twitter. You do not waste your time so much for 480 characters post along with some interesting pictures. Also, you can add your location there where people nearby can filter for it.

Another platform is Youtube. Yeah, you can be a Youtuber at the same time and earn some money from it. However, you need some SEO knowledge to succeed but that’s worth it.

Conclusion: How to promote your business locally for free

There are a lot of ways to promote your business locally but it’s not free. I think these options are enough for you to be successful. Promoting online is the fastest way to reach customers right now. After that, you can make an email list for loyal customers to offer them special promotions. But everything starts with what I tell you here.

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